Taking life a spoon at a time

Like most people, we had no idea what Lupus was until it affected someone we loved dearly. This month is Lupus Awareness Month and on the 10th of May, it's World Lupus Day! We really wanted to share a blog which would highlight why donations to the Hibbs Lupus Trust means so much to us, and why we will "Go Purple" in honour of our own Lupus Warrior!!

Struggling to sleep? Reiki could be the answer

We’ve all been there, lying in bed knowing your alarm is due to go off any minute, but for whatever reason, you’ve spent all night tossing and turning unable to physically sleep. This has a knock on effect to your whole day, as you either wake up completely tired and unprepared for the day ahead, or haven't even slept at all and have ZERO energy. Before you head to the doctors for medication, it may be worth researching the benefits Reiki healing has on your sleep. 

Earthbound charity day in loving memory of ben

Ben lost his fight to diabetes and kidney failure at the beginning of this year. We started a JustGiving page for his funeral, and it’s currently at 65% of the total amount we wish to raise. We decided we want to get it to target (or even over target) to celebrate his life and provide a day full of cake, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and giggles. You will be able to try out some of our wonderful treatments, carried out by Terry and myself. You can have either Reiki, Reflexology, or Indian Head Massage for just £10 per 20-minute treatment.

We’re Going Purple In May For World Lupus Day

Earthbound Holistics is going purple in support of The Hibbs Lupus Trust in the month of May. Whether you’re at home, school, or work, getting involved couldn’t be simpler! You could Go Purple for a day or even the whole week – just remember to donate at the same time!