COVID-19 Updates




This is a whole new territory for everyone, but one advantage is that as holistic therapist’s, we’ve always maintained a very clean and hygienic work environment. After completing a Health, Safety and Hygiene course prior to opening, we have some adjustments to make to the Earthbound HQ. This is to ensure that you are safe and protected, allowing you to relax and enjoy your chosen treatments once more.

Being a holistic therapist, we are all about socialising and hugs, but just for the time being we need to comply with government guidelines. We are well and truly social butterflies and love nothing more than to have a chin wag with you before or after your visit, however, for now we must social distance and ask that we keep this to a minimum. Our job is to make you feel less stressed and truly relaxed. These measures enable us to open up and get you back through the doors of our treatment room, to nurture your wellbeing after lockdown!

Covid-19 policy:

As holistic therapists, we have been itching to get back to providing your relaxation time! To do this safely we’ve put a policy in place to make you all aware that we are taking this very seriously. We will be doing all that we can to ensure the safety of our clients and as part of our policy we need your support on the following;

  • Online consultations have been put in place to allow us to be as contactless as possible, a link to this will be sent to you at the time of your booking.

  • Everyone is to bring their own face mask and wear prior to your treatment. We will also ask you to sanitise your hands on arrival, this will be provided.

  • As of the 24th September, we are required by law to display our QR code which has been provided via to allow our clients to check in with the NHS COVID-19 app. This will be our new approach to Track and Trace going forwards. However, if you do not have a compatible phone or would prefer not to use the app, we can provide an online form for you to fill in the day before your appointment.

  • Your personal items will be stored in a container which will be sterilised after each use to avoid contamination.

  • If you encounter any symptoms prior to your appointment, they must be raised with us for the safety of ourselves and others. We will amend our cancellation policy to cover this.

  • We will be wearing appropriate PPE in the form of face masks during your treatment. We will alter according to government guidelines and personal preference.

  • We will be adhering to treatment timescales for the interim to ensure we can provide our services safely. With this said, please ensure you arrive on time and not early.

  • We will still be taking cash payments, PayPal exchanges or, preferably, our contactless card machine which will be disinfected after each use.

  • In line with guidelines, should I or anyone I’ve had contact with be notified by track and trace, I will self-isolate for 14 days. This will mean that we will have to rearrange any appointments for after the isolation period.
  • Myself and my family have been following advice and performing lateral flow tests to ensure we minimise the risk of an outbreak. We will continue to do so for the foreseeable.


We will be performing a deep clean, before and after every client to ensure that we are providing the best care to put your minds at ease. All material items that have come into contact with clients such as towels, uniforms and throws will be washed immediately after use.

We are keeping track of the current government guidelines, and will be wearing face masks as a preventative measure. We ask for both the client and therapist to wear a face mask due to the close contact nature (unless exempt). We appreciate you may not want to wear a mask now restrictions have been relaxed but you will be able to remove it once your treatment begins.

Should you need a drink, we ask that you bring your own water bottle to prevent any unwanted cross infection.

We have undergone a risk assessment, in alignment with the HSE and given the green light by the local environmental agency, if you wish to view our risk assessment document then please click here.

COVID-19 Policy Updated 19th July 2021.

our current services:

The treatments that will still take place are as follows:

  • Aromatherapy Massage:
    Duration: 30 mins £35.00 | 60 mins £45.00

  • Hot Stones Massage:
    Duration: 30 mins £35.00 | 60 mins £45.00
    (Additional care will be put in place regarding the sanitisation of the stones.)

  • Indian Head Massage:
    Duration: 40 mins £30.00

  • Reflexology Massage:
    Duration: 60 mins £38.00

  • Reiki Healing:
    Duration: 30mins £25.00 | 60 mins £35.00

  • Therapeutic Massage:
    Duration: 30 mins £25.00 | 60 mins £35.00

  • MONU Express Facial Treatment:
    Duration: 30 mins £30.00

  • MONU Aromatic Facial Treatment
    Duration: 30 mins £38.00

  • MONU Active Collagen Facial Treatment
    Duration: 60 mins £55.00
  • Non Surgical Facelift treatment
    Duration: 60 mins £30.00 (individual)
    Course of ten treatments paid in advance £270/10 hourly treatments (one free treatment when you block book)

We thank you wholeheartedly for your co-operation at this time and for your compliance so far, let’s just keep everyone safe for a little while longer and allow you all a truly stress-free break in our tranquil treatment room. If you have any concerns or issues regarding any of the above, feel free to contact us.

We are happy to reassure and figure out what will work best for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

if you are in need of some rest and relaxation, then please feel free to book an appointment below!