Group Meditation


Looking for a safe haven to start or continue on your meditation path?

We wouldn’t let our phone batteries run to empty… so, why do we let ourselves?

Everyone is guilty of running on empty and it’s when you hit the wall, feeling mentally and physically exhausted that you realise, it’s time to make a change. You need to allow that “Me time.” to regroup, rest and relax.

Meditation is an amazing experience, it’s a mental state that will restore balance and harmony to your day.

Earthbound meditations:
Virtual classes

At Earthbound Meditations we’ll ensure you a safe place to seek peace and restore balance to your everyday life. Join individuals, at all levels from beginners through to more advanced… everyone is welcome here! It’s a place to share experiences and to be within great company each week.

Our meditation classes will be via Zoom each Wednesday Evening… call it a “hump day treat”. The time is to be arranged (I will check with the majority.) This will remain virtual for now, but will still be an interactive platform for all to feel involved and make friends. Start date will be Wednesday 31st March 2021. Approximately one hour duration.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, we’d like to do these classes in person, maybe even get out into nature and incorporate some real life mindfulness rather than just using our imaginations.

I will be incorporating some audio links for you to access 24/7 and plan to do some videos, full of mindfulness tips and tricks to help you shift your mindset to a more positive one.

Sound like a group you’d like to join? It’s simple, pick your preferred payment type, and on receipt, we will add you into our facebook group. There’s no contract, so no financial commitments.