Meditation Subscription

Sound like a group you’d like to join? It’s simple, pick your preferred payment type, and on receipt, we will add you into our facebook group. There’s no contract, so no financial commitments.

Earthbound Meditation: Payment Options

Earthbound Meditations & Mindfulness Group:
Weekly Pass

We appreciate that at times like these a monthly cost may be a bit out of reach, the weekly pass will be better for anyone who can’t commit from a time/money perspective. However, you won’t benefit from the free session (as stated above), as this option will be pay as you go.

Earthbound Meditations & Mindfulness Group:
Monthly Pass

With this payment option, you are paying upfront for a months worth of mindfulness and meditation with our group of like-minded individuals. I’d recommend this option, as for months where there are 5 weeks, you will get a session free.

Note: Payment buttons will direct you to Paypal. If you want to pay direct (via bank transfer) please contact me on 07399 472040 or message me on our Earthbound Facebook page.

How to pay through paypal:

Click the payment button above:

This will send you to our paypal payment page. You are sending money rather than requesting, so click send and move on to the next step

Login using your usual PayPal account details:

You will be asked to add in a verification code as PayPal has two step authentication now to be more secure, this will come through to the number you have connected to your PayPal account.

Add your payment option:

If you are paying monthly, type £20.00, weekly, just type £5.00, then add a note that just says “Earthbound Meditations Group Subscription” and your name. This will help me to know who to add to the group.