Reiki Healing

A lot of people are unsure of what Reiki healing is and what the treatment entails which then leads to them never opting for this wonderful holistic therapy and losing out on having the relaxing experience it provides.

What is reiki?

Reiki a gentle, but powerful, hand’s on treatment, using universal energy for the treatment of the practitioner and others. It is one of the most ancient, purest and simple forms of healing in use today and restores balance and harmony to the recipient. Complementing other therapies, it is relaxing to mind, body and spirit. It is difficult to explain how Reiki actually works and is more a case of experiencing it to feel the benefits.

Reiki is non-invasive (not massage), so there is no need for disrobing. Reiki helps to relax the body, balance the emotions and clear the mind, reducing stress, increasing vitality and nurturing wellbeing. It creates greater self-awareness and promotes personal growth.

A treatment helps to release blocked channels and systems within, helping the body to heal itself. Reiki enhances all other forms of healing, medicine, alternative therapies or natural remedies, helping the body to cleanse itself of toxins and other metabolic waste. Reiki does not replace medical treatment.

Reiki – The Philosophy:

Founded by Mikao Usui, Reiki, in common with many other Eastern based philosophies or medicine, consider the human body as an energy form. It is believed that all living things have an unseen energy which flows through them.

Dis-ease is seen as blockages to this flow of energy through the body, and healing to be the removal of such blockages and the re-balancing of energy within the form

Reiki is a Japanese word, Rei meaning “Universal” and Ki meaning “Life-Force Energy”. The teaching is that this energy or vibration abounds in the Universe.

Practitioners of Reiki learn to tune into this universal energy and to channel it to the recipient. This energy is an intelligent energy, but merely acts as a facilitator for the process.

All that is required is that the recipient be open to the energy in order to receive the benefit, but does not require any faith or particular beliefs for the process to have effect. Dis-ease is seen to manifest itself at the energy level before the physical level and thus regular treatments can prevent illness for occurring.

If you suffer from a chronic stress related illness, you can expect to get fewer flare-up’s if you receive regular therapy from a qualified Reiki Practitioner.

What are the benefits?

1.) Relieves pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue:

All can benefit from a regular session for relaxation purposes, but it is particularly beneficial to people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression as it balances the emotions, especially when you feel isolated and overwhelmed. Reiki will bring that inner calm that you may not have felt for a while, and that can be very comforting in challenging times. The deeply relaxing manner of a Reiki will help promote a healthy sleep pattern which will reduce fatigue.

2.) Boosts your mood:

Reiki has been known to boost your mood, it is a way to invoke joy, positivity and calmness but because Reiki is an energy based treatment, it helps balance and restore harmony to mind, body and spirit also. If you are after a “pick me up” treatment, we highly recommend regular Reiki treatments.

3.) Promotes wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle:

No doubt about it, Reiki is a deeply relaxing treatment, but it is also an extremely comforting one, we like to describe it like “A hug in a mug” and let’s face it hugs are well known to improve wellbeing if only for a few seconds. Reiki works with the use of universal energy, so it flows to where it’s needed which brings in the ‘Health’ side of things.

Reiki is amazing for any short term/long term illnesses. Anything from sprains and strains to Post-operative pain, Reiki will flow to where it is needed. In my own personal prospective, I actually suffer from Fibromyalgia, and find it extremely beneficial in reducing pain, mental fatigue and other symptoms. It’s extremely beneficial to those with chronic illness like Lupus, MS, Crohns and Colitis, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer… the list is endless. Reiki treatments can bring feelings of peace, grounding and an ability to cope better with the challenges of life.

What happens during a reiki healing treatment?:

Reiki Healing treatments are pure and simple, the client will remain clothed and can either sit on a chair or lay down on the couch. The therapist will then gently place their hands above or upon the client’s body in a series of non-intrusive positions. Reiki will treat the whole body rather than these specific areas.

And how does it feel? Well, that is different for everyone. Some recipients feel tingling, or warmth. Other’s see bright colours, whereas some people just lie, fully relaxed, and go into an almost meditative state. Whatever the reaction, it’s just Reiki shifting any blockages and doing its thing, allowing the restoration of balance and harmony.


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